Cell Cultivation


It allows working in the temperature range from + 2°C to + 40°C with a resolution of 0.1°C. The cabin is equipped with plugs inside which facilitate the use of shakers during the incubation process.

It allows the operation in sterile and particle-free conditions thanks to the continuous washing of the working area by means of an unidirectional vertical and ultra-filtered air flow.

It allows working in sterile conditions by controlling the ranges of temperature (from +18 to + 50 °C), humidity (from 40 to 97% rh), CO2 (from 0 to 20%) and O2 (from 1 to 20%).

Automated cell counter

It allows cell counting as well as cell viability assessment without the need to use slides. It has bright field detection and two fluorescence channels, with camera adjustment according to the concentration range and cell size.

It allows working in a wavelength range from 340 to 750 nm under precise temperature control. Easily interpretation of results through Manta software and widely used in kinetic tests.